Conversation Evening about Vocation

Conversation Evening – On the theme of Vocation


Many of us long to discover what we were ‘born to do’: a particular mission, unique to ourselves, that will give our hitherto disordered lives purpose and meaning. Yet it’s often unclear what this might be – or whether such a phenomenon even exists.

In February, you’re invited to gather to discuss the idea of vocation. Are we born with a particular purpose in life, or do we have to create one? Can our vocation change over time? And how might those of us who feel a little lost and directionless find a role that fits our talents and values?

Join us for a discussion of careers, callings and life choices and come away feeling a little clearer about your direction in life.


7:00pm           Doors open
7:10pm            Event commences
9:30pm           Event finishes

Thursday 20 february   19.00 – 21.30  Usine Witte Dame Eindhoven

Euro 47,50

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