Passie Pensioneert Nooit offers a small group of client participants – between 2 and 8 people – a guided and fascinating tour of various entrepreneurship venues and destinations to indelibly link the concepts of business storytelling. This experiential event is designed to show real-world examples of our various thoughts and ideas that makeup Peter’s storytelling framework.

Encounters Tailored for Your Project

Participants encounter firsthand the triumphs and failures of business storytelling and are guided to extract underlying principles that they can apply to their own business.

To prepare for this intensive two-day journey, Peter de Kuster typically interviews the entrepreneurial team in advance to gain background on you, your company, your people, and the issues you face to best create a customized storytelling for your business. They both review the results of these interviews along with marketing materials, project documents, and strategic plans to design the journey content. The “Journey Map” for the two-day event is then reviewed in advance with the primary client contact and modified or adjusted as needed.

The client team gathers with Peter de Kuster in a predetermined “story-rich” city, such as Paris, Amsterdam, London, Rome, Berlin, Rotterdam or New York. In each case, we recommend a city best suited for the client and then develop a tailored mix of tour stops based on the client’s industry and issues.

How It Works

Typically, we begin Day One with a review of various storytelling frameworks and tools then set off on our journey together, visiting all manner of businesses that exemplify principles of great business storytelling. By learning how to spot these frameworks and seeing them in action, you’ll begin think about the ways they can apply to your business.

On Day Two of your journey, we debrief the lessons learned, using a number of different facilitation techniques to structure this time. The aim is to richly extract insights gleaned from the from Day One’s experiences, and to understand how to apply them to your company.

We’re not looking for best practices — but for best storytelling principles. It’s all designed to drive your company to new powerful storytelling — and we are confident that many practical revenue-generating ideas will emerge from the field work conducted.

Start with Peter de Kuster by planning a journey and take the next step to improving your business and understanding storytelling principles. Let’s discuss your ideas and questions in detail and let Peter help you integrate business storytelling into your company.  You can reach him at to schedule a skype call.